Borne @ Chiswick Bridge Regatta: Documentation for competitors, coaches and umpires

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2018 Documentation for competitors

Required reading for all crews and coaches - particularly coxes, steers and single scullers - prepare well to race well!

  1. Safety plan for Borne regatta 2018 (PDF 90kb opens in new window)
  2. Circulation patterns
  3. Competitor instructions Borne regatta 2018 (PDF 104kb opens in new window)
  4. Draw version 2 published Friday 9th May 2018
    Any queries contact entries @ for any queries. Crews will be contacted via BROE if they did not get a race. BROE is open for payment and substitutions. Note that the highest CRI value in W 2x Tier 2 is 21.

    Changes to v1 of the Draw

    • Op MasD/E 4x-: Crew 27 Thames Tradesmen's Gillead scratched.
    • Race 26 corrected to show that its WR 7 vs WR 8
    • W 4x-: Team Keane (Maury) added to event. Crews 13-26 consequentially re-numbered.

    Documents for coaches, volunteers and officials
  5. Accident and Emergency plan for Borne regatta 2018 (PDF 65kb opens in new window)
  6. Briefing for umpires to be advised by email
  7. Risk assessment for Borne regatta 2018 (PDF 201kb opens in new window)
  8. Welfare plan for Borne regatta 2018 (PDF 88kb opens in new window)
  9. Parking notice for Borne regatta 2018 (PDF 1620kb opens in new window)

Please ask if you need any of these in alternative formats

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